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tv   Today  NBC  November 3, 2009 9:00am-10:00am EST

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we're back now with more of "today" on a tuesday morning. it's the 3rd day of november 2009. just a reminder, in some parts of the country, it is election day. so, if that is true in your part of the country, don'trget,
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afr youatch us here thi morning, gout and cas you vote. always tryo encourage that. out on t pla, i'matt lauer alonwith a roker and natalie rales. an we've got an ection right here in new yorci. >> tt's right,mayor, mayoral election or across the ver, governors race -- >> governors ce. >> new jersey. >> upate. lots going on around he. meanwhe, somethingls we're talking about this morng, it's now bn 1/2 yea since madeleine mcca disappeared whe heramily w vationing at a resort in portugal. w me photos haveeen released. esarcomputer-enhancedo ow what meleine mht loo ke as a 6-ye-old. the photos are very difrent we're going to explain that difference andsk you to take look at them in jus aittl whe. >> jus hop for anyind of breahrgh at thisoint two years late >> been a long time. >> har t belie. also this morng, talking about breast health. 200,0 womewill be diagnosed wi bret cancer this year. the key t survival, of course, is early detectn. wee going to tell you whayou need to know to keep your breasts cancer-free. and then, turni the pa,
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ofourse, since it isleion day, it's been a year since t nation elect president obama. d coming up, we're going to ta a lk back at theear of shion for theirst lady, from r iuguralall gown to what shwore toeet the queen. michelle obama h certaly created her oignature sle over the last year and this moins "hper bazaar" shares h top ten ensembles with us. >> and she's of cour very creative wit her fashions. we fou anoth creive person, anerhaps you think yore prettgood with a paintbrush. well, how about this young n? mmthe poh,he's a svice dog. his trner thought, wellif he can arn to help the disabled -- there he is doi a portrait of tchie -- maybe he'd b good with a paintbrush. now he's ticasso o pooche >>e hastooked atitchie once. >>s thatis blue period? bl-pure ri. >> yeah. >> i justant to knowho holdinthe kibbles a bits right aloside -- >> that's right, good boy >> all right, a l t get to.
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les inside. ann's got a check of the headlines. >> thanks a lot, matt. good morning onceagain, everybod in the new voters in n jeeynd virginia are electing goveors day d voter in near 400 ciesre electing mayors, including inework city, where mayor mike bloomberg is fingemocratic ty mptrler llthompson. voters in mai are also deciding ia law that allows me-sex marriage should b repealed. a day afte winning the disputed electio i afantan, afghanistan's esent promises to banish corruption from hisgovernment. mikarzai invited people from all parts othe cotry, including politicaopponts, to bpart of his adnistration. president obama,ho was consering a u. troop sur in ghanistan,old karzai it is time toring more credibity to h government b fiting corruption a therug trade. and tt poin secretary of state hlary clint said today th t u.s will provide greater assisnce to hel afghanistan rootut corruption. she al pressed iran saying tehran cant go bk o a deal toend itsraum onro for
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processingnt nuclearel. policeav launched a new efrto find a btish girl whdisappred more than two ars ago while vationing in pougal. nbc's george lewis reports now. >> reporter: madeleine mccan vanished on may 3rd, 2007,ust nine days beforeer 4th birthday. w policeave released new, computerged pictesf what she mightook like today at age 1/ one with bld hair and a cond ima swing her with a ntan and darker hair. those ctures splashed all over today's london newspapers. hepants hope the images and is vid wl go viral on the internet. >> keeng this information seet onl increes the anguh of madeleins family and friends. >> reporter: and on bti tevisionhis morning, they idhey're trying to appeal directly to the kidnapp or anyone in the know >> we'reustrying to prpt em, really. they probably know the right thg to d is to come forward, and we're just tryingo prompt themnto doing th, really. >> this is tarte specifically
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tohe abductor and the peopl that kw that person. >> reporr: there he been persistent rumors that madeleine y ve bee taken off to somewhere in north africa, one reason for the tan version of her photograph. >> everybody will remember madeleine as a blond-hair child and she could well be disguised. i mean, that doesn't necessarily have to be a suntan. that could be a fake tan, you know, just like her hair can be dyed. >> reporter: gerry and kate mccann, who were once named as suspects but later cleared by portuguese police, say they believe madeleine is still alive. they have waged a high-profile campaign to find her, hiring a private detective, meeting with pope benedict, going on "oprah." they say their hope for finding madeleine was renewed when they heard about the jaycee dugard case in california, that if jaycee can be found alive after 18 years, then madeleine can also be found alive as well. this as police hope someone who knows the little girl's whereabouts will come forward. george lewis, nbc news, london. also in the news this
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morning, glaciers atop mt. kilimanjaro are shrinking and a study out today further confirms the drastic change is taking place. scientists say the ice has decreased 26% in nine years. they haven't determined whether it's due to global warming or a loss of moisture, but they add that 85% of kilimanjaro's icecap has disappeared from nearly a century ago. and in los angeles on monday, it was a watery mess when a huge water pipe ruptured, sending a fountain 30 feet high. it took repair crews some three hours to shut the water off. dramatic images there. it is now five minutes past the hour. let's go back outside to matt and natalie. >> all right, ann, thanks very much. let's get a check of the weather. it feels very fleiss and crisp out here this morning. mr. roker. >> it is brisk, almost winter-like. if you look back here -- >> woo! >> we've got two santas. no waiting. i'm not sure why. christmas came a littlearly for you. >> yes.
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yes. >> marathon runner over there. very nice. let's check your weather, see what's happening. show you for today, quiet day, thank goodness. we're going to have lots of sunshine throughout much othe country, some clouds and little clipper moves across part of the plains, but down to the south, that's where we're talking warm weather. no, forgetabout, forget about fall. it's summertime! temperatures anywhere from 5 to almost 20 degrees above rmal. no, nevada,oday will see a high of 71, >> the weather should be pretty quiet on this tuesday. you'll probably see a few clouds drift in during the day, but overall, a pretty good one. high temperatures betwe
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>> that's your latest weather. got some sailors and marines from the "uss new york" here. w let's go inside to ann. >> al, thanks. this morning on "today's health," your guide to healthy breasts. there are at least 2.5 million breast cancer survivors in this country, and every year, roughly 200,000 more women are diagnosed with the disee, but thanks to prevention measures, rates have been declining. dr. raj is editor of "health" magazine. good morning. >> good morning. >> we hear about getting mammograms, which is what you suggest, but people may not think about it. what is the number one way we should best take care of our breasts? >> i think the first thing we should talk about is getting to know your breasts. so, they're all different. one side might be bigger than the other. they might be pointing in different directions. that's all normal. but you should know your breasts very well.
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>> why is this. >> because when you do your monthly breast exams, you're the best to know if there's a change, and you can tell your doctor. during our monthly cycle, our breasts change. the best time is after your period and check for anyumps and bumps. always get them checked out. >> so, this is about being proactive, making sure -- >> absolutely. >> and you also want to make sure you do the self-exams. >> right. >> but you also say in a broad view looking at our breasts, there are things we can do that are smart to prevent, for example, the things we don't want to experience when we're in our 60s and 70s and 80s. >> well, sure. there's even some cosmetic things we worry about with our breasts, just when you think about wrinkles and spots on our face. >> what can we do? >> those things happen on our breasts as well. sunscreen,s we recommend for your face, you should be using it on your breast area to prevent unsightly things. and the other thing that happens with aging is the sagging with your breasts. we have ligaments. you can think of them as sort of rubber bands that hold up your breasts, and as we age, they tend to overstretch.
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there are things you can do to prevent that. when exercising, you don't want your breasts jiggling up and down a lot, because that will put more tension on the ligaments. wear a very tight-fitting bra. and in general, you should be wearing a good fitting bra. most women wear the wrong size. if you're wearing the same size for 20 years, you're probably not wearing the right one, because on average, we change our size six times in a fetime. >> so think about that when you're shopping for bras, which isn't always fun. >> absolutely. >> and you talk about major weight gain being a major factor for breast cancer. >> yeah. so, obesity is a major risk factor for breast cancer, and specifically weight gain after the age of 18. if you gain more than 55 pounds, you're 1 1/2 times more likely to develop breast cancer. >> on the good side, though, if you lose the weight, if you lose weight -- >> you reduce that risk. exactly. >> so you can be proactive. another reason to not be overweight. >> sure. >> okay, here's something i didn't know, you say get at least seven hours of sleep, which is hard to do, but you say when we don't have enough sleep, that increases our risk?
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>> there was a large study, over 24,000 women in japan. they looked at how many hours they slept and their breast cancer risk. those who slept less than six hours had a greater risk than those who slept more than seven hours. we're not sure why that is. it might be the melatonin when you sleep has something to do with your risk. so, it is important, it's not easy, and this is one study. we still have to look at more studies, but it looks like it could help. >> that's encouraging, all of us, i think, to sleep a lot more. and radiation, obviously, we know can cause cancer. limit how much you're exposed to. >> right. >> nursing can decrease your risk of breast cancer. >> right. breast-feeding actually decreases -- the longer you breast-feed, the lower your risk is. breast-feeding is also great for heart disease, as we're now learning. it's great for your baby, you and your breasts. >> and you want to breast-feed, what, 12 months of your entire nursing career? >> right. the study that looked -- it is a career sometimes, but yeah. the study that looked at heart disease is 12 months or more of breast-feeding, but any amount
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is beneficial for your breast health. >> all right. there are some -- over the course of rect years, there have been some reporting about underwire bras and deodorant being a problem, being a cause -- having some causal factors. has that all been disputed? >> yeah. these are really myths. the underwire bra myth and there is a myth aboutf you get hit in the breast or trauma to the breast. these haven't borne out to show any risk of breast cancer. >> even with deodorants. >> correct, no risk. >> the other question we should ask the docto is are my breasts dense? and what exactly does a dense breast mean? >> it means you have more muscular tissue than fatty tissue. it's an important factor for two reasons. one is you have an increased risk of breast cancer if you have dense breasts. it's also more difficult to diagnose breast cancer in dense breasts, so the regular mammogram may not pick up things if you have more muscular tissue there. >> is that the same as the sort of fibro krstic lumps women get? is that a dense breast? >> that is one form, but you may
9:13 am
have a dense breast without lumps. that's why sometimes you need a test other than a mammogram, such as ultrasound or mri. you need to tk to your doctor about do i have dense breasts? what appropriate screening is appropriate for me? >> what's terrific is b this is we've gotten to the point where we seem to know so much more than we used to just a short time ago. >> oh, sure. >> aut how to take care of ourselves. dr. roshini raj, thank you for helping us take care of ourselves. get our sleep. >> yes. coming up next, we'll show you first lady michelle obama's top ten fashion moments, at least according to "harpers bazaar." and later, from the city gal's favorite shower cap to how the ladies of las vegas stay clean and fresh, the best beauty secrets. the magic's in the mix. my favorite part? eating it. honey bunch of oats. taste the joy we put in every spoonful. honey bunch of oats. we call the bunches in honey bunches of oats the prize in the box. well, now there's a prize inside the prize. pecans! pecans! baked into crunchy oat bunches.
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with our homemade soup, fresh salad, and warm breadsticks. enjoy all you want, for just $6.95. at olive garden. mmm. oh gosh. oh dear. big deal. you're delicious. so what. i've got news for you. there's no such thing... a bear sheriff. you think i'm afraid of you? hey what? you don't have to be mean to the cake. i do. you don't. i do. just eat yoplait light. they have great flavors like... boston cream pie, raspberry cheesecake. even though i work here, i've lost weight. wow. yeah. carry on. (announcer) 28 delicious flavors at around 100 calories each. wednesday marks the one-year anniversary of president obama's election, and over the course of the year, first lady michelle obama has become a fashion icon. this month's "harpers bazaar" takes a look at the first lady's top ten most memorable fashion
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moments. avril graham is the fashion editor. good morning. >> good morning. >> seems like we've been spending more than a year talking about her fashion, but let's get to it. >> exactly. >> so, she's played with a lot of different looks. what is it about her style that has become so iconic and relatable, too? >> i think the fact that she's very experimental. she's not the stiff, traditional, boxy suit first lady. she has those moments where she's a little bit more dressed up, obviously, but those downtown times, also, she looks so chic. >> and she mixes up high end with like j. crew, so well. >> exactly. like a regular lady. >> let's look at the top ten list. first, of course, the inaugural gown by jason wu. why was this such an important look for her zlrks well, it's interesting because this is obviously going to go down in history. and traditionally, first ladies are so starchy, full of satiny, silks, and here she comes out with a frothy light look. and at first, everyone's like, is it more bridal, do we like it? but as you see it almost a year
9:18 am
on, it stands the test of time. >> and the trend, one shoulder, right? >> and she looks so comfortable, too. it's not something you have to stand always to attention. she's comfortable. she went to one million ball after another. so, dancing and looking great. she looked fabulous. >> certainly made a statement. next, a gorgeous gown she wore at the governors dinner. >> i love this, because it's so fashion-forward. we see her with an up do, the metallics, layers of necklaces. it's one of the earliest gowns she wore as an evening dress, and i think it stands, again, the test of time, because we're thinking it shows that va voom gure, perfect toned shoulders. >> very jackie o. in that way, too. >> beautiful. >> next, this look she wore at the white house honoring stevie wonder. >> and this was designed by stevie wonder's designer wife, camilla. >> oh, right. >> and again, it shows off the fact that she softens up her hair, the makeup slightly different. great, very flattering neckline.
9:19 am
and uses a sort of umpire line as well, which is very chic and a great use of color. >> the color is gorgeous, okay. she was quite a hit in europe, of course, and she wore this outfit to buckingham palace, the black and white, ever so classic. >> yeah, it was. and actually, i loved it with the jason wu upper coat. the toledo is the day dress she wore for the inauguration. the monica look, fabulous. i would love to see her wear this gun. she obviously wore it to meet the queen. >> that's the other thing. e's been known to wear things twice, which is relatable to all of us. >> i'm always saying on this show, we have to shop our wardrobes, but add a little pep. >> exactly. and she certainly does. >> classic. she looks so chic and gorgeous. >> next,he visit to germany, where she met german chancellor angela merkel. >> this is the day she met angela merkel, who is not known for her fashion prowess, exactly. and sh wore a two-piece. and i loved it with the coat off
9:20 am
d this use of a modern take on a chic dress. great,ort of shiny fabric. it's modern, elegant, it's chic and it's very her. >> very black and red, which she also wore on election day, too. okay, now, date night in new york. here she jazzed it up. very chic. >> yeah. she's wearing -- >> sassy. >> what can i say, that's a fashionista's favorite. >> wow. >> it's fabulous. if you're going on a date night, who doesn't want to look like this? va voom gorgeous. she looks chic, beautiful. she's got a great accessory, a handsome husband, too. and just that little pop of color with the little clutch and acres of bangles. she looks fabulous. >> okay, now, d-day commemorations in france. she wore this beautiful white dress. >> you know. as a european, i kind of love this, because not only did she wear a light color, a bit -- princess diana used to do things like that. she used to surprise us at somber moments with like a different hat. she's wearing white to d-day commemorations, and wow, does she not upstage two other nations' first ladies?
9:21 am
carla bruni from ance, sarah brown from england. >> real standout. >> she looks amazing. she's upstaged them both with this great white look. >> okay, then here at the white house, again, back in bright colors. >> i just wanted to show this, because the modern take, again on a chic dress by moises delaurenta. favorite of laura bush, actually, the father was. and i think this shows that you can be traditional, you can be chic, the makeup works, and the idea of this matching belt. she just looks quite fab. >> again, the monochromatic look, which works so well. >> and he's accessorized with that red tie, too. so, they must have a conversation at the closet, i think, perhaps. >> avril brown, thanks so much for sharing these images with us. appreciate it. >> my pleasure. >> the november issue of "harpers bazaar" is on newsstands now. coming up next, find out what happens when al's wax figure comes to life in the museum. first, these messages. hey, you're supposed to be a vegetable! there's a full serving of vegetables in every manwich.
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as we showed you yesterday, meredith got her chance of working a laugh while getting to work at mcdonald's drive-through window. and today, al showed us his best shot playing himself going wax at madame tussauds here in the city. we wanted to give you another look at how shocked people were as they walked by. >> hey, how are you! >> i thought she was real. >> she is real! >> oh, my god! >> no heart attacks were reported. nobody tried to stub me -- >> although somebody did point out his ticker, because he was so shocked by you.    
9:26 am
>> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. i am mindy basara. baltimore city police are investigating five for cases since last friday. police say that one woman was raped in the 1300 block of
9:27 am
harford ave early friday morning and another on another street saturday morning. in both cases, the women were waiting at a bus stop, threatened, taken to a dimly lit area, and then raped police believe that the incidents are related. and with information should call baltimore city police. house -- thousands of employees at the black and decker are worried about their jobs after the announcement of a merger. it could create the nation's largest toolmaking company and could mean the elimination of 250 jobs as the office in towson gets absorbed into stanley's offices in connecticut. >> we are not talking about any 250 jobs. we're talking about to enter to probably very highly compensated jobs. -- hundred 50 probably highly compensated jobs. >> the deal must win regulatory
9:28 am
and shareholder approval. now let's look of the forecast with tony pann. >> it should be a nice tuesday. you'll see a few clouds from time to time. overall, pretty nice. after a chilly start this morning, we will make it around 63. sunset expected at 5:03. 55 for the high on wednesday. 48 on thursday. given the slight chance for rain and snow showers during the day, we make it back to 52 on friday. a nice weekend with sunshine on saturday and sunday. >> we will have another update at 9:55. ( clicking )
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>> that's ann curry preparing her inner diva, ready to surprise some unsuspecting patrons dining here in new york. it's part of improve everywhere and ann's not shy of getting a laugh. we'll see how she did tomorrow. >> can you sing? >> i was really tested, i'll tell you, but this is a group that goes all around -- you've seen them on youtube. >> oh, yes. >> they do all kinds of crazy things. they were so much fun. >> that's great. >> i hope you enjoy it. meanwhile, ahead, we've goth another performance artist, this one of the canine persuasion. we've been checking out sammy all morning long. he's a service dog, who -- [ laughter ] he's been selling his creations. wait until you hear the price tags. >> really? >> yeah, unbelievable. >> what about ritchie's -- >> an audio operator who can't hear and can paint. >> my goodness, we've gone to the dogs. also ahead, we've got the best beauty buys across the country from our fashion pages,
9:32 am
and we're also going to tell you how to boost your mood with your wardrobe choices, coming up. and also, we need your help, because of course, on monday, we introduced you to our fourth and final group of semifinalists in the search for our "today's kid reporter." so, which pint-sized, wanna be journalist will fit on this sofa? well, it's up to you. >> they'll all fit. in fact, they'll all fit together. >> that's right. >> you can logon to to place your vote or text your vote to 622639. press 1 for tyree, 2 for sofia, 3 for jack and 4 for stephen. standard rates apply. >> you have until 5:00 eastern time today to choose your favorite. so vote early and vote often. >> you know, we've met a lot of really cute kids. >> sweet kids. >> it will be hard to decide. anyway, you have a check of the weather. it's getting cold. >> get ready. showers across the northern tier states, sunshine through the southern tier, coastal flood
9:33 am
advisories along the northeast and mid-atlantic coastlines, record-setting temperatures down to the southwest. for tomorrow, the heat continues in the southwest. mild weather through the gulf coast. look for rain >> expect quiet whether on this tuesday. he was a cluster of tiny from time to time but that is it. " in the mountains with highs only >> that's your latest weather. >> all right, al, thanks. coming up next, our artist and resident, sammy the dog showing off his talents. your favorite baby back ribs just got even better,
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we've been checking in on them all morning long. finally time to meet sammy the service dog, who is also with his trainer, mary stottlebacher calls a doggy da vinci. that's because his pieces sell for up to $1,700. mary is the president of shore service dogs. good morning, mary, and sammy. >> good morning. >> sammy is one of the few service dogs that you taught how to paint. how did you come up with this idea? >> fund-raising. it was one of those things that -- it's very difficult to be able to raise funds in these economic times. >> sure. >> so i wanted to get something that was, a, fun for the dogs and me, and b, that would have a wide audience. >> we've got some examples of sammy's work here. how difficult is it to train a
9:38 am
service dog like sammy to paint? >> actually, because they had the service dog training under their collar, so to speak, it makes it a little bit easier, but it is a very long process to get them to the point of where they're reliable doing it. >> so, let's see -- >> sammy. >> sammy's starting to paint. now, i know this is a nontoxic paint he uses. >> yes. >> tell us about the brush while sammy starts. >> well, it's a modified brush to be able to make it easier for them to hold. they started out painting with a regular old brush, but they hit the canvases kind of hard, so it ended up getting shoved toward the back of his throat. so i modified it so it's not so much of a problem. are you falling asleep? >> i have that effect on a lot of my interview subjects. >> wake up! >> hey, sammy -- >> sammy. >> good boy. >> here you go. >> hey, sammy. >> there we go. we had six hours of sleep within the last 48 hours, so. >> obviously, the muse has not hit sammy right now. the inspiration isn't there for sammy. now, what kind of breed is sammy? >> i don't know. he was a rescue.
9:39 am
he came from the pound. he actually was dumped twice. so, i'm thinking he's a foxhound/shepherd mix, not a bloodhound sheep dog. >> sammy's just not feeling like painting right now. >> well, i haven't given him the command yet. >> oh, would you please? >> sammy, paint. sammy, paint. not him! come back. come here, sweetheart. paint. paint, sweetheart. here. canvas. not -- no, no, no. >> do you know the ewoks? >> all right, samuel, focus, paint. come here. you're like the comic from two years ago that got him chasing her around. paint, sweetheart. there you go. come back here. >> i'm going to stand right here, sammy. i'll stand here. >> paint. there's a good boy. paint, sweetheart. >> there you go. >> keep painting. that's it. >> now, how do you know when he's finished? >> he goes to me for judgment. as you can kind of tell. >> i think he's finished. >> paint, babe. paint.
9:40 am
he wants to paint you. >> i guess he does. >> he wants to give you a designer treat. >> my portrait. well, mary, sammy, thank you so much, pal. very nice. and coming up next, the top beauty products women across the country are using. maybe we can get sammy to do their makeup. >> sounds good. morning kim. morning bob. (phone ring) good morning, scott tissue. can everyone hear me? uh, just barely. great, let's get started. surprise! you guys! (announcer) now scott extra soft tissue has a new design, and it's our softest ever. and one mega roll has more sheets than four of the competitions regular rolls. wow! this is really soft! new guy. (announcer) new scott extra soft tissue... softness done right! and you have that moment of... "oh, yeah!" well... this... is mine. sprinkled with cinnamon, sparkling with taste. cinnamon toast crunch.
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this morning on "today's beauty," scanning the country for products that will cure your beauty woes why you want to know the best restaurant, what do you do? you ask a local. so, when you want to know how to cure dry skin or frizzy hair, maybe you should go to the cities where the women there have no choice but to deal with those dilemmas. beauty expert jen falik is here with her designs. you basically went to places where they suffered the things we have to deal with. in other words, we got knowledge from the locals. >> exactly. they're the ones that deal with these situations every day.
9:44 am
so, if you're dealing with different climates or you want to emulate a signature style of a city, these are some of the best beauty buys that the locals love. >> so, for example, in miami -- >> yes. >> -- we have an idea -- we know there, it's specifically sunny, windy. so you have hair problems, your skin problems. what did you find? >> this is actually the number one most requested product in south beach. it's a cooling yogurt gel. in greece, kids will put yogurt on her skin for a sun burn because it cools and soothes the skin. in miami, this is the product everyone's requesting. they sell out, get in a new shipment every two weeks. put this on after exposure to the sun. it's instantly cooling, light, refreshing, just a great all-around cooling product. >> okay, and now moving to denver -- >> yes. >> -- where it gets very, very cold, your skin gets very dry. >> cold and dry. denver, it's impossible to maintain a manicure in denver, that's what the women say, and your hands get dry, chapped and
9:45 am
uncomfortable. ahava, which is an israeli brand, they sell tons of this hand cream to women in denver. why? >> smells nice. >> a, it's very nourishing. it has dead sea mud in there. it's incredibly nourishing and healing, but it also stimulates your hands to create moisture. >> i like it. >> it's nice and light. then in a pinch, if you have dry elbows, dry patches on your skin, i rub a little bit thf this in because it melts right into the skin. >> i like it. good little tip from denver. now from houston -- >> yes. >> what do we have in houston? we have -- >> this is stetson fragrance. so, you think it's a stereotype that women love cowboys in houston, you like your men to be like the cowboy type. well,, which is a huge retailer. they have thousands of scents. the number one scent they ship to houston is stetson fragrance. >> for men or for women? >> for men. women are buying it for their men. men are buying it themselves. also, fragrances smell different on a woman than a man. so if you like a musky scent, this is $11.
9:46 am
>> okay. >> good beauty buy. >> in you go. now, from new york city -- >> yes. >> we like to keep our hair really nice. what do we have here? >> new york women love a good blowout. we even have salons dedicated to blowouts. >> right. >> and you want to protect your investment. so, you spend money to get someone to blow out your hair or do it yourself. it will last. this is from blow hair care. >> what do you do -- >> put it on in the shower. it has terry lining. it absorbs -- it looks gorgeous on you. >> just gorgeous. >> and it has a big 360-degree coverage, so your hair stays totally dry. because one wet hair in the shower will ruin the whole bunch. >> okay. from new york. that's the best-selling item in new york. >> best-selling item, yeah. >> now, moving on to las vegas. >> yes. >> now, here is a funny thing. in las vegas, a lot of people go there, sometimes they spend all night there -- >> stay out all night. >> they're on the plane the next morning. what is the number one best-selling thing, beauty supply thing? >> this is consideriinteresting.
9:47 am
pond's sell tons of these wet cleansing towelettes in vegas. i think it's because people are out all night and have to do a quick cleanup, or because so many people are in the performance industry, wearing makeup for their jobs every day. this is an incredibly thorough cleanser. >> so, you don't have time to even go to the bathroom to wash your face. you can just do that, boom. >> do that, throw it out. super convenient. gets rid of water-proof mascara, all the makeup on your face, and it's nourishing. so if you're dried out, if you're hopping on a plane, you have vitamin e nourishment in your dis your skin. >> and los angeles -- >> yes, this is so much fun. >> you found what? >> this is studio beauty mix at fred siegel in l.a. >> i love that store. >> this gel by dr. sager is the best. >> for little kids. >> to get rid of bruises, get rid of the discoloration. this is what this was originally intended for. well, all these gorgeous women were coming in and scooping up this project. so, unless there's all these clutzy women in l.a., there's
9:48 am
something else going on. post-botox, this gets rid of bruising, so women will put this on after botox, collagen. this gets rid of the swelling, the bruising. it has echinacea, very healing. and who knew this homeopathic kids boo-boo gel is now a post-botox essential. >> who knew? jenn falik, thanks for looking at all these suggestions from all these cities. >> you're welcome. coming up next, how to change your outfit to change your mood. first, this is "today" on nbc.
9:49 am
9:50 am
♪ this morning on "today's style," wardrobe wearapy. how many times have you gotten out of bed and wanted to wear an outfit that reflects your mood, tired, bloated, confident? well, from the style network, she's here to help you put together ensembles that will help you look better and feel better as well.
9:51 am
good morning. good to have you here. >> it's great to be with you again. >> i know. >> we get to talk fashion! i twittered about it this morning. >> well, we love to know. the publicity's out there already. so, you came up with this wearapy idea. what do you think about it? >> every stylist has tricks. i'm going to share with you my secret on fashion. it's changetion how you feel based on what you wear. >> i came in feeling sick and dressing sick. >> no, you didn't. you look fabulous, please. >> okay. let's start with our first wardrobe wearapy look. we like to show, first, a lot of us have our lazy days and that lazy outfit in the morning. let's look at this model, monica, that you found for us. and she was wearing, you know, her usual kind of lazy day look. >> yeah. you know when you're feeling like you don't want to put anything on, so, what do you do? you just throw it on. and what does it look like? it looks like you threw it on. >> yeah. >> and then you feel like you
9:52 am
just threw something on all day. that's the idea with wearapy, you don't want to feel that way all day. you want to get out of that rut. >> you gave monica this great dress. why the wrap dress? >> okay, why not the wrap dress? >> yeah. >> this is a dress that every woman needs to own. i'm serious. if you don't have one right now, you need to run out after your work or day of schedule and get a wrap dress. it's the simple, throw it on, it never wrinkles, promise you. >> yeah. >> i mean, you can like absolutely do anything to it, run it -- >> right on. >> completely. >> perfect fit. >> and i love the knee-high boots. if you're not feeling like shaving your legs, get away with the knee-high boot -- >> so, if you're really lazy -- >> totally. >> don't want to shave the legs. you're a mom, you know. >> exactly. she looks so together with the jewelry. it ties together beautifully. >> another thick about wearapy, it doesn't stop with the wardrobe. hit it up with the lips. >> yeah. >> myself today, feeling a little cold, didn't want to do a lot of makeup. throw it on with the lips and you have a great overall finish that makes you look bright and more energetic.
9:53 am
>> you do look bright and energetic and that great smile. monica, thank you very much. next, we've all gotten up in the morning and we have that unattractive feeling about us, not that we're unattractive, but we just don't feel good about how we look, and mary ellen was wearing her t-shirt and her jeans, like a lot of us put on on the weekends or during the week. and let's see what you did for mary ellen. she's a mom, busy, active, so she needs something that's going to be helpful and useful to her during the day. tell me about what you put her in. >> okay, first, check out her stems. these legs are put in not her daughter's jeans. these are jeans. they're amazing. i'm not even a mom and i threw them on -- >> not your daughter's jeans. that's the brand. >> not your daughter's jeans. and take a cardigan and belt it over. every woman has a waist. every woman, like you said, is totally beautiful. we're built with waists. show it off. >> find it. >> cinch it. that's it, it's totally easy. >> what's great about these
9:54 am
jeans is that they are darker, so they really kind of dress up, right? >> you got. it and another thing to instantly give you that kind of a lift so that you feel slimmer is a heel. >> you had heh. a little bit of a heel. >> even an inch makes a difference in your posture. 20% of your posture is based on the way -- 20% of your weight is based on your posture. so, if you kick in a heel, it lifts it all all, and sometimes 20 pounds off. >> make you look 20 pounds thinner. >> oh, yeah. >> thank you so much, mary ellen. next, erica woke up. she said she was feeling a little unconfident, but let's take a look -- so, this was her before. >> yeah. >> i think she looks fine, but she says she was not feeling so great about herself. >> right. >> so, what did you end up giving her? >> okay, this is a case we see all the time on the show "how do i look?" women who don't feel confident basically come out with outfits and suits. and women today getting ready for work are probably wearing a suit just to wear a suit. >> here's erica now wearing this gorgeous tailored suit. >> and you've got to wear this,
9:55 am
not the suit wearing you. this is definitely fitting her more appropriately. and look at the pop of green. instantly, i mean, 9:00 to 5:00, who wants to look at a sea of gray, right? >> she looks great. >> immediately. >> beautiful with the complexion. ladies, come on out for one last look here. fantastic. thank you so much. jeannie my, good to have you here on the show with us. >> definitely. >> come on back any time. ladies, thank you. >> by the way, we want to mention, if you're interested in sammy the painting dog's paintings, go to our website at tell you where you can get those. >> for a good cause, absolutely. still to come, we have a star from "growing pains," allen thick. >> cool. >> plus, answers to your questions about sleep and sex, after your local news and weather. >> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news today in
9:56 am
baltimore. >> good morning. i am mindy basara. it is 9:54. drivers are getting a few more weeks of breathing room before fines from school and works own speed cameras to take effect warning notices have been sent out over the last year-and-a- half weeks, but state transportation authority officials decided to grant two more weeks of fine-free driving. after november 15, however, anyone caught driving 12 per hour over th
9:57 am
on issues important to seniors, senators mikulski and cardin have been leaders, fighting to make health care more affordable and to make sure seniors have access to the medicines their doctor prescribes. now maryland senators can improve medicare and help close the donut hole without raising premiums on seniors by as much as 20%,
9:58 am
which some proposals would do. call today -- ask senators mikulski and cardin to support the senate health care reform bill. because we can improve medicare without making seniors pay more. >> good morning. it will be nice and quiet on this tuesday. expect a mixture of sunshine and clouds as we head into the afternoon. after a chilly start, we will make it into the low >> >. make it into the low >> >. see you back here for 11 when it comes to italian sauce, some people prefer this jar. but more people prefer this sauce. winner of the blind taste test. the sweet and savory taste of prego. it's in there.
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